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About Us

Eshan Chandra Bose, like a true visionary, saw the emerging importance of Calcutta Port as the gateway for sea borne trade, linking the world with eastern India. Following his dream and sensing the potential in stevedoring he pioneered the setting up of E.C.Bose & Co.Pvt.Ltd(ECB) in 1851.

For over 158 exciting years, through the fluctuating fortunes of Calcutta Port, the company has stood steadfast like a rock, never losing sight of the founders vision ………. Strengthening foundations, modernizing & diversifying to meet emerging market needs, while, despite fierce competition, continuously charting a steady growth. ECB today is arguably the oldest, and has developed into being among the largest stevedores in India. A particularly strong presense in the east alongwith a thorough all–India network has given ECB an enviable position in the trade.

Today, apart from stevedoring, chipping & painting ships that come in for repairs, the activities have expanded into comprehensive shipping & logistical services to encompass; customs clearance, shipping, chartering & freight forwarding, warehousing, container freight station operations & transportation on a large scale with the help of a wide ranging infrastructure that has been fine tuned over the years. This helps to deliver value added service packages covering every conceivable logistical support, suitably customized to meet varying needs. Significantly, all services are offered and coordinated from under one single roof through group companies under the ECB umbrella.

The infrastructure includes a carefully planned chain of branch offices throughout India at strategic locations, a network through agencies & affiliations with major freight forwarders and state of the art heavy duty handling equipment for efficient dock, warehouse & transport operations.

The company′s vast activities are guided by the fifth and sixth generation of Bose′s, all thorough professionals trained in modern business methodologies, along with a team of dedicated & qualified managers from their corporate headquarters at Calcutta. The operational staff of over 3000 personnel work round the clock to ensure the ECB brand of prompt, reliable and efficient service to customers.

Alongside its core shipping related activities, Group ECB has also successfully diversified into three major areas : Dredging; Mining, Construction & Earthwork for site development.

Little wonder then, that Group ECB, with mature networks and innovative systems in place is imminently poised for a major leap forward into the fast track globalization scenario.

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